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Horseshoe Canyon, Utah. Black and white photograph

Horseshoe Canyon, 1985
. Canyonlands National Park, Utah

For nearly half the price of a limited edition original print, these prints are made by Lynn Radeka using the same exacting standards and attention to detail as his higher priced limited edition prints. The image currently offered is made using a series of masks described in the Contrast Masking Kit. Horseshoe Canyon, by Lynn Radeka, utilizes a Highlight Mask, a Shadow Contrast Increase Mask and a Fog Mask. The end result is an image which reveals remarkably crisp detail and contrast throughout the entire tonal scale with brilliant whites and rich detailed shadows. It serves as an excellent example of using effective masking techniques to create an image with clear and delicate values, from shadows to highlights.

This silver-gelatin print is available for a special discounted price of $350 (a discount of $150 off the normal edition price) for a limited time only.

Each print is meticulously prepared by Lynn himself, mounted on 14" x 18" acid-free white museum board with matching bevel-cut overmat - ready for framing and display, and signed on the front. Each print is numbered on the back, with the number followed by the letter "S" - denoting special edition. The numbering sequence for this special edition is from 101S to 200S. Prints are available on a first come, first served basis. The special edition is separate from the original limited edition of 1 through 100 for this image. Print size is approximately 9" x 11".

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