Contrast Masking Gallery
Images From Contrast Masking Workshop Participants
Bob Ruby

Final Print (after masking)

Point here to view final print after masking


Bob felt that his image of erosion forms needed an enhancement of the whitish rock cap left of center. He previously made prints of this image by very carefully hand bleaching the print in order to brighten the rock cap. On detailed subjects such as this where the edges must be very distinct, hand bleaching can be difficult at best, and if several prints need to be made a great investment of time must be used. We made a localized Highlight Mask to selectively brighten just the rock cap during the print exposure. This mask not only brightened the rock cap but also increased the local contrast slightly within that area. It took only five minutes or so to opaque the interpositive of this mask in order to isolate the rock cap from the surrounding values. Now the pin-regsitered Highlight Mask can be used repeatedly on all future prints of this image, without the need for hand bleaching, and the effect is precise without any spill-over to surrounding values. Lynn Radeka




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