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Images From Contrast Masking Workshop Participants
Jamie Margolis

Final Print (after masking)

Point here to view final print after masking


Jamie brought this nicely exposed negative to our June, 2006 Contrast Masking workshop. We used 8x10 Foma variable contrast paper and made a straight print with some standard edge burning, as well as some additional burning along the brighter area of the top edge. We used a contrast grade of approximately 3. There were some distracting bright areas, most notably near the top edge where sunlight was showing through the trees, and Jamie wanted to diminish these as well as some small bright spots in the large boulder in the water. We used a type 1 Fog Mask to effectively diminish all of these bright areas. Of particular interest is how we used the Fog Mask to seamlessly and effectively diminish the large bright spot on the rock just to the right of the prominent tree trunk. Without the use of the Fog Mask, it would have required extensive spotting on the dry print - a very laborious task. We also decided to make some primary elements more prominent by brightening them with a selective highlight mask. Note how the tree trunk and the fallen tree branches have been brightened substantially by the use of the highlight mask. We designed the highlight mask so that only those specific, detailed areas would be affected. The resulting print is far more eloquent than the straight, unmasked print. Lynn Radeka




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