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Michael Converse

Final Print (after masking)

Point here to view final print after masking


Michael Converse was an attendee at the February 2009 Contrast Masking workshop. The "straight" print of this image (without masking but with some burning and dodging) was made on grade 2 Kentmere paper. The print is intentionally made a bit soft in contrast. I felt the forms of the tree was not defined enough against the surrounding foliage so I suggested making a SCIM to selectively enhance the dark shadowed edges of the tree branches and the local detail in the bark. We all felt that the bright white sky was very distracting, especially the patch towards the top right of the image. We made a type 1 Fog Mask to soften and diminish the bright sky as well as the large cut area of the tree trunk and we used a SCIM to selectively enhance the darker values in the tree bark and branches, using a burning hole to keep the SCIM exposure localized. Lynn Radeka




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