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Noose, Shakespeare, New Mexico. Limited edition black and white photograph

Noose, 1991. Shakespeare, New Mexico


I photographed the ghost town of Shakespeare, New Mexico for my book Ghost Towns of the Old West (Mallard Press, New York) in 1991. In order to photograph this noose with the appropriate camera position, I had to place the camera and tripod on a table and stand on another table to compose the image (with the assistance of the ghost town caretakers, of course). I used 4x5 Kodak Tri-X film developed normally in HC-110 developer and placed the brightness of the windows on approximately zone 9 to preserve the brightness of the scene. I print this photograph high key, making sure that a luminous sunlit quality is preserved, accented only by the noose and wall lantern. Subtle highlight detail shows in the windows on the fine print.

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